Remote Freight

Transport Services throughout the Northern Territory

Opening the Northern Territory to freight delivery

Traditionally, reaching remote spots in Northern Territory has required the use of a barge to transport containers and freight. Not anymore, thanks to Twenty Forty Transport. We make regular delivery runs into Northern Territory by road, providing a far faster, far cheaper alternative to barge delivery.

Our delivery network

Our delivery network now includes channels that run via the Central Arnhem Road, the Victoria Highway and even extend as far east as Ngukurr and Numbulwar via the Roper Highway. We aim to open Northern Territory up to consignment delivery, and forge closer connections between the economies of some of the Territory's most difficult to reach locations and the rest of Australia as a whole.

Need some help with the loading of your shipment? We can even send a 16-tonne forklift truck round to your premises to assist you, ensuring a top quality level of service at every stage of the process. 

Faster, more affordable, remote delivery

Because it bypasses the barge and its limited schedule, our road service is quicker and more flexible*. Whatever schedule you need to stick to, we can handle it for you. Because we operate our own fleet of vehicles and use our own short-term warehousing space, we are also able to pass on some major cost reductions directly to our customers.

*In the event of road closures, delivery will be completed using the barge. We will still provide an end-to-end service for your shipment, and keep you informed of its status every step of the way.