Brisbane interstate transport

Transport your freight from Brisbane to regional Queensland and the Northern Territory

Freight transport from Brisbane

The bustling metropolis of Brisbane has no shortage of options when it comes to transporting your goods into New South Wales, the ACT or Victoria. However, freight transport to regional centres can prove difficult and costly. Twenty Forty Transport specialise in transport services from Brisbane to Townsville and Cairns, Mount Isa, and into the Northern Territory. In fact, our extensive network reaches from Brisbane to our depot in Darwin. Whether you need to transport general freight, machinery and equipment or light vehicles, we have the capacity to deliver.

Brisbane interstate transport capacity

We understand that you need to be able to rely on your transport provider. Twenty Forty Transport maintains a modern fleet of transport vehicles, trays and equipment and uses the latest in IT, communication, and reporting systems to ensure our service is delivered efficiently and reliably.

Our trucks depart each week and, because we bypass the limited schedule of other interstate transport methods, our service is the cheaper and faster way to transport your freight from Brisbane to Townsville, Cairns, Mount Isa or into the Northern Territory. Our interstate freight transport equipment includes:

  • Road train rated Prime Movers
  • Rigid Tray Trucks, including container pins
  • Rigid Pantechs
  • Tilt tray trucks
  • Flat top truck, including container pins
  • Curtain Sider trucks
  • Float trucks (36.0 tonne capacity)
  • Drop Deck trucks with ramps
  • Side Loader trucks

Why choose Twenty Forty Transport?

We prioritise reliability, efficiency and service to deliver outstanding transport services to our clients. Our strong internal processes are driven by your needs - our customer - and ensure our service is carried out to a high professional standard.

Our partnership with Carbon Neutral, Australia's leading reforestation offset developer, means our clients enjoy environmentally responsible transport services without adding to their costs.

Brisbane interstate transport

Our transport network

We regularly deliver throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, and are able to deliver your freight to major depot centres throughout our network.

Major centres in our transport network

  • Darwin
  • Mount Isa
  • Cairns
  • Townsville
  • Brisbane

Because of our transport network knowledge, we can also deliver to remote areas en route. Just ask our friendly staff.

What can we transport?

Our extensive fleet of transport vehicles means we can transport just about anything throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. Here are just some of the things we regularly deliver.

  • General freight
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Heavy machinery and oversized loads
  • Cars, boats and caravans
  • Other light vehicles

Want to know if we can accommodate your freight, equipment or vehicle? Just ask us.