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Posted on 18 January, 2017 in Carbon Neutral

Twenty Forty Transport is now carbon neutral

Twenty Forty Transport is now carbon neutral

Twenty Forty Transport is a container transport and freight delivery company that provides quality pickup and delivery networking for its clients. Delivering between Queensland and the Northern Territory, we specialise in the transport of shipping containers and other large items for our customers, both businesses and individuals.

However, one of the drawbacks of being one of Australia’s leading transportation companies is the high level of fossil fuels we need to use in our everyday delivery work across the nation. Traversing the country means a high carbon impact on the environment as we deliver large consignments to businesses and consumers in every state.

To solve this problem, we’re proud to announce our carbon neutral service in partnership with offset scheme specialists Carbon Neutral. As a result of this collaboration, we now offset all CO2 produced from burning fossil fuels in our transportation services.

But what does getting to a zero carbon footprint mean? How does our partnership with Carbon Neutral work?

What is carbon neutrality?

Carbon neutrality is a managed system whereby CO2 emissions are offset against investment in such earth friendly schemes such as renewable energy or planting trees. Particularly popular in industries that use a high proportion of fossil fuels — such as transportation, energy production and agriculture — the aim is for companies to achieve a net zero carbon emission figure by removing an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere as they put into it in the course of their work. Where reduction of fossil fuels isn’t practical, offsetting is practised to boost areas which benefit the environment and help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Who is Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral is an Australian organisation committed to helping companies and groups minimise their carbon footprint. The organisation’s carbon management and advice is highly rated throughout the environmental and sustainable business sectors. It includes carbon accounting and sustainability reviews, energy reduction strategies, carbon calculators, carbon offsets, vehicle fleet offsetting, biodiverse reforestation projects, as well as workshops and seminars.

What are the carbon offset schemes that are used?

The type of carbon offset is based on fuel consumption and those companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to zero contribute to numerous beneficial projects for the environment.

These include the following:

  • Solar farm projects
  • Wind farms
  • Hydropower projects
  • Methane capture initiatives
  • Waste diversion
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reforestation
  • Forest protection projects

Our partnership with Carbon Neutral to offset our carbon footprint proves we are serious about the environment. By offsetting all of our transportation fuel carbon emissions through gold standard schemes co-ordinated by Carbon Neutral, we are taking responsibility for our carbon impact and are doing something tangible to eliminate this.

Globally, there is a move by companies towards offsetting carbon emissions and our aim is to be a trailblazer in our industry in Australia. Like many other industries that consume a great deal of fossil fuels, we understand the impact this has on our environment and our carbon emissions. As well as the key goal of offsetting the impact of carbon usage, industries such as ours are becoming more aware of their customers’ desire to deal with companies who show environmental awareness.

This scheme is the first of its kind in the Northern Territory. Most importantly though, it comes at no extra cost to you, the customer. Now you can do your bit for the environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions without having to worry about any extra charges.

Our partnership with Carbon Neutral has given our clients the opportunity of choosing an effective, as well as environmentally friendly, transportation supplier.

Interested in hearing more about our new carbon offset scheme? Please contact us here.

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