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Posted on 02 March, 2018 in Logistics, Freight

Third Party Logistics: Smooth Road Transport in the Top End

Third Party Logistics: Smooth Road Transport in the Top End

Third-party logistics (3PL) means the company the client has chosen to ship their products outsources several pieces of the supply chain to a single third-party logistics company. This company takes over and manages the customer's items by warehousing, distributing, filling orders, and shipping the freight back out all in one convenient place. Since it is all accomplished in one spot, the process is seamless and there is less chance for errors.

In the NT of Australia, you can ship by car or by rail, whichever one makes the most sense for you. Shipping by rail has been popular for years but transportation by road is quickly gaining popularity for its speed, reliability, and convenience. Shipping by road ensures the company is using modern and up-to-date equipment, the latest technology, and the have departures each week. Here's some location-specific information for you: 

  • Brisbane to Darwin via Mount Isa. If you're looking for a fast and convenient way to ship your goods from Brisbane to Darwin, try road transport. Some shipments leave each week and the speed of road transport is difficult to beat. Any company who has experience in the transportation business will make it a priority to have modern shipping vehicles. This will reduce the chances of them breaking down or having other problems as they're moving freight.
  • Cairns to Townsville and Back Again. Cairns is another location both individuals and companies may find it difficult to find transportation out of or back into because of how remote it is. However, road transport is making it easier to ship from Cairns to Townsville and from Townsville to Cairns. You want a freight company with the latest software, so you can be sure the company will get your shipment to where it needs to go and there won't be issues from one point from the next. Modern equipment will also allow the company to efficiently sort out any problems that may arise because company stakeholders are in constant communication with each other.
  • Darwin to Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville. Darwin is a service hub for transport to other cities, whether they're remote or close. If you rely on a road transport company that can bypass the more limited schedules of other freight transport means, you're setting yourself up to get on-time, reliable service. This bypassing feature also allows the 3PL company to cut costs and offer cheaper alternatives to traditional transport.
  • Townsville to Darwin via Mount Isa. When you're shipping to more remote locations, you want a 3PL company that has the network to get your shipment where it needs to go quickly and efficiently. With road transport, you won't run into issues that could slow rail down with transportation to remote locations. Speed and reliability are two major reasons to choose road transport when you're getting ready to ship items to or from Townsville. An updated and maintained network will allow the company to easily get to locations that normally have trouble getting shipments in and out.

When it comes to transporting your freight with third-party logistics, doing the proper research is the key to finding a company that will work for you. You're looking for a fast, modern, reliable, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional shipping.

Road transport systems offer you many benefits. In addition, they work with companies and individuals, making them more accessible than other options. They'll be able to get your shipments to the more remote locations quickly and efficiently. You'll be able to do business in the NT of Australia just like you would in one of the more easily accessible cities or regions. This is why road transport is an invaluable tool when you're conducting business anywhere in Australia.

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