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Posted on 17 November, 2015 in Container Transport, DIY

Shipping Containers Vs. Truck Rentals: Which option is best for a DIY move?

Shipping Containers Vs. Truck Rentals: Which option is best for a DIY move?

Moving Containers vs. Truck Rentals: Which Option is Best for a DIY Move?

Moving can be an expensive affair, so it is natural that you want to keep the costs down without compromising on efficiency. At first glance, going it alone with a DIY move is the most effective way to reduce on expenditure, but expenses can be difficult to predict, and can spiral quickly.

So which option is best for your DIY move? Will it be a moving container or a truck rental? Let’s explore both options with our DIY moving tips.

Beware the Hidden Costs

When taken at face value, this choice is a no brainer; the up-front cost of a rental truck is less than that of a container, so the truck is going to be cheaper, right? Not necessarily, as rental trucks come with a raft of hidden costs that you need to be aware of.

Refuelling: If you’re travelling a long way, refuelling your truck could prove expensive.

Time Restrictions: When you rent a truck, you will be given a deadline by which you must return the vehicle. Miss this deadline and you can expect additional fees!

Mileage Allotment: It’s not just time that can creep up on you; it’s distance too. When you rent a truck, the rental company will provide you with an allotment of miles; if you exceed this mileage you may find yourself slapped with extra fees.

Insurance: You may find that you need to pay a fee to the rental company to cover insurance, or even provide insurance of your own before you can rent a truck.

Road Tolls and Fees: Even once you’re fully fuelled, insured and out on the road, you’re not free from hidden charges. Many highways and roads operate tolls and fees, which can mount up as you head across country.

Clearer Pricing with Moving Containers

If you’re looking for affordable Darwin goods transport services, container transport could be just what you need. The beauty of opting for a container over a rented truck is that the cargo transport company will handle the whole process for you, so the price you are quoted before collection is the price you pay after delivery.

Twenty Forty Transport provide comprehensive container services that cover Darwin, the Northern Territory and beyond. We cover all fuel costs, tolls and other charges, so there are no hidden surprises after the initial quote.

We also provide professional packing and loading services in addition to container hire, if required, as well as the option to use our load consolidation services. What’s more, we are flexible; if you need to use the container for longer, we can calculate costs ahead of time.

Whether you need one-off Darwin container transport, Northern Territory to Queensland container delivery or a bespoke container service get in touch with Twenty Forty today and see what we can provide for you.

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