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Posted on 16 February, 2018 in Freight, Logistics, Container Transport

More Service, Less Expense: Reviewing Your Transport Service Provider

More Service, Less Expense: Reviewing Your Transport Service Provider

If you employ freight services in your business, you want to ensure you are getting the greatest value for your money. You should review your transport service periodically and compare it to other companies in your area. This can help you improve logistics and save money. But it can also help your organisation stay ahead of your competition and improve your customer service. If you have never conducted a freight review in the past or it has been a long time since your last one, here's what you need to do. 

How to Tell It's Time for a Transport Service Review

If everything is going great between your organisation and your transport service company, you may not need to conduct a freight review. However, if you are experiencing shipping delays or customer complaints, it's probably time to review your transport services. Here's how to tell it's time for a transport service review. 

  • Internal Factors: In many cases, the reason your transport service isn't as effective as it once was is that your business has grown or changed since you first started working together. If your business has undergone significant changes recently, like expanding into new markets, introducing more products or changing the scope of your business, your current transport service provider may not be equipped to handle your increasing demands. Similarly, you may have begun working with new clientele who expect higher standards from your organisation. 
  • External Factors: If your business has not changed much, but you still notice a deterioration of service, the problem is likely with the transport company. Perhaps it has come under new management or hasn't kept up with the latest developments in the transport industry. In either case, you'll need to find out what is causing the decline in service. 

Hopefully, your current shipping company will be able to make the changes necessary to comply with your requirements. If they are unable to do so, you'll likely need to look for a new provider so that you don't risk losing your own customers due to poor service. If your transport service provider agrees to your terms but fails to deliver, you'll have a solid platform for terminating your contract. 

Check with Multiple Freight Service Providers 

While it is great if you can make things work with your current freight provider, this may not always be possible. Smaller shipping companies, for example, may not be able to handle the increasing needs of your business as it grows and evolves. In conducting your review, reach out to several transport service providers so that you can compare their capabilities, policies and prices. 

You need to evaluate them based on the factors that are most important for your business. Of course, you want to find a freight service company that can check all your boxes, but identifying your priorities will help you find a match based on the most important requirements, even if not everything is exactly as you had hoped. 

Stay on Top of Future Changes 

As your business grows and becomes more successful, your freight transport needs will change as well. Keep a close watch on your shipping company's performance so you know when it's time to make adjustments. Reviewing your transport service operator can be somewhat time-consuming the first time around. 

However, subsequent reviews will likely go much quicker, as you have a better sense of what matters to your business. Take the time to do it right, and you'll be able to maintain the same level and quality of service that your customers have come to expect from your company. 

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