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Posted on 16 August, 2016 in Northern Territory, Queensland, Townsville, Darwin, Freight

Remote Freight Delivery Between Townsville and Darwin

Remote Freight Delivery Between Townsville and Darwin

Whether you are a business owner conducting regular shipments, or a consumer looking to send items on an ad hoc basis, achieving Townsville to Darwin freight deliveries is a straightforward process, but what happens when you need to hit locations in between, locations that might be a little harder to reach?

There are over 2,500km between Townsville in Queensland and Darwin in the Northern Territory, and there are countless remote towns and regions spread along that route. If you have customers or clients in these locations, what are your options?

Never fear; Twenty Forty Transport provides the answer. Our extensive pickup and delivery network extends to areas across the Northern Territory and North Queensland, giving you the sort of reach that puts you far ahead of your competitors. So how does it work? Take a look at these frequently asked questions and find out.

What are the main routes that Twenty Forty transport uses?

To connect North Queensland with the Northern Territory, we use channels that traverse the Central Arnhem Road, the Victoria Highway and the Roper highway. This enables us to hit locations as far east as Ngukurr and Numbulwar.

Suddenly northern Australia feels a lot smaller. Thanks to these channels, we can forge economic and logistical connections between some of Northern Territory’s most difficult-to-reach spots, and so can you!

Can freight be delivered to remote locations?

Distant and remote destinations represent two of our specialities. By utilising these channels, we negate the need for the traditional barge transport routes you may be using already. Instead, we operate regular road freight routes, enabling timely, reliable and reasonably-priced pickups and drop-offs.

Can Twenty Forty Transport deliver freight to small towns along these routes?

Remote freight delivery is no problem. We can pick up and drop off shipments at any location along these routes, so wherever you need your cargo collected from or taken to, we have the capabilities to cover you.

How can remote freight delivery services benefit my business?

It is difficult for a barge to deviate from its route; this is not the case by road. Our road transport services enable remote freight delivery and help us to provide a flexible service to our clients. In addition to this flexibility, we use our own fleet of vehicles and our own warehousing space, which means no inflated costs for your business.

Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and no scheduling headaches are the benefits you and your business will receive.

How does remote Townsville to Darwin freight delivery sound to you? To get started, contact a member of our team today!

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