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Posted on 08 July, 2016 in Freight

Is Interstate Consolidation Right for Your Business?

The interstate freight consolidation services offered by Twenty Forty Transport provide many business owners with the logistical solutions they need to keep their supply network flowing. But are these services right for you and your business?

Well, if you feel that reduced costs and increased convenience are important to your business model, the answer is a resounding yes. Our interstate services help businesses to safeguard their bottom lines while keeping their customers and suppliers happy. Read on to discover how they could benefit your business in the same way.

Is Interstate Consolidation Right for Your Business?

Reducing Your Cost

Bulky and cumbersome materials can be a nightmare to ship. Their size and configuration means that you will need a large vehicle to transport them but they may not fill an entire truck or container. These less than truckload – or LTL – shipments will cost you money.

This is one of the benefits of freight consolidation. Combining your load with that of other companies on the same truck dramatically reduces your costs, ensuring that you are only paying for the space you are actually using.

Ferrying items back and forth is also costly. If you have multiple deliveries coming in from a range of locations, which you need to be shipped out to a single location, freight consolidation is perfect for you. Consolidating all your incoming deliveries into one, large outgoing shipment is easy and will save you money in the long run.

Increasing Your Efficiency

Our Queensland to Northern Territory freight consolidation services help a range of businesses to streamline their logistics. This streamlining enables them to guarantee an efficient and speedy service to their customers. Speedier delivery times, minimised costs and an improved relationships with clients and customers are the results of these services.

We operate a weekly transport and freight run between North Queensland and Northern Territory. This connects with our regional delivery channels at locations along this route, meaning that we can reach any of your customers in Townsville, Cairns, Darwin and anywhere in between. What’s more, these services are covered by our strict policy of clear communication and transparency which allows you to provide your customers with up to the minute progress reports and delivery estimates.

It is these features that will give you the edge on the competition as you serve your customers and clients, and which put us head and shoulders above the other service providers in the industry.

Want to find out more about how our freight consolidation services can benefit your organisation? Get in touch with Twenty Forty Transport today!

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