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Posted on 29 August, 2017 in Machinery Transport

Moving Heavy Machinery: Top Tips for Industrial Transport

Moving Heavy Machinery: Top Tips for Industrial Transport

There are several reasons why commercial logistics involves the transport of large machinery. One reason is to store large machinery and equipment you don't plan to use for a long time. You may also need to ship equipment to a customer, or you could be moving business locations. Whatever the scenario, freight transport companies are something you should consider. One of the many benefits they offer is valuable supply chain advice relating to the transport and storage of your equipment.

Certain equipment requires special tools and precautions for moving. You cannot simply pack large equipment into a box, and then move it, because most machinery requires special care and preparation.

Moving Machinery Means Planning

You face several challenges during the move of your large equipment and machinery. Secure transport is the biggest concern. The size of the equipment itself can be intimidating to any business owner looking to move. Here are some tips to help make things go smoothly:

  • Create a plan for moving your machinery. Everyone involved must be aware of the proper procedures and steps they must take to ensure the move is successful. Oftentimes, a freight transport company will assist you in this process. They will devise a plan to load and move the equipment successfully for you, using the proper tools and care.
  • Collaborate and design a schedule for the move. This will help keep everything on track and ensure the equipment arrives at its desired location on time.
  • Consider your expenses. Discuss the costs of enlisting help and any other costs involved with the move. Ensure you have designed a budget for the task at hand, so you know from the beginning what you can afford. This also allows the freight transport company to best help you, only providing you with items that fit within your budget. They can help you decide what you truly need to make the move the easiest, but will still stay on track for budget and time period.
  • Properly prepare the equipment for the move. Drain all fluids and clean machinery prior to loading and moving it. This will make the equipment a little lighter and also ensure there are no leaks or spills during transportation.
  • Utilise the correct moving equipment to make the task easier. Items like heavy duty skates and hydraulic moving sets will help you in this scenario. These carefully move the equipment and avoid anyone getting hurt during the process.
  • Make sure everyone is on track and keep them well-informed. Collaborate closely with your chosen hired professional and your team. Injury and accidents are less likely to happen when you keep everyone well-informed and properly prepared. Teamwork is key to the successful transport of heavy machinery.

Factors to Look for in a Reputable Removalist

You will need help when it comes time to move. How do you know who to enlist to help with such a huge task? Look for someone local. A removalist in your area is familiar with the roads and the climate, and could already be familiar with your location. They will also know about the type of equipment each main industry most commonly uses in your area and how to transport it properly.

Check out their services and online reviews once you think you might have found the company for you. Ensure they offer all the services you need for a successful move, and then give them a call.

Discuss your plans and needs with them, as well as your budget and your timeline. Open communication will ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly, and most importantly, that you stay on budget and your equipment remains in top condition.

Moving equipment is stressful because it is expensive. Keeping it running is important to your business and to your customers. The supply chain advice a removalist can offer you is beneficial to the success of the entire process. Enlisting the help of a professional will take most of the weight off your shoulders and ensure a quality move.

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