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Posted on 09 December, 2015 in Queensland, Northern Territory, Freight

A Good Freight Company, Four things to look for.

A Good Freight Company, Four things to look for.

When you or your business needs container transport or freight service, you want to make sure you hire the best company for the job. As a leading authority in freight service, one-off deliveries and pickups, Twenty Forty Transport knows what to look for in a good freight company.

You want someone who will do more than just pick up your shipments and deliver them; you want reliable freight transport that will exceed your expectations. Following are four characteristics that are an indicative of a good freight company that will help you when searching for the right transport service.

Good communication

Keeping customers in the loop and maintaining good communication is an excellent indicator of a good freight company. We at Twenty Forty Transport make a point of updating our customers with pickup and drop-off information, delivery reports, and tracking estimations. We work directly with you to answer questions and concerns and ensure outstanding customer service at all times.

Being Trustworthy

Honesty and transparency are a must for a good freight company. Being direct and communicative with customers is imperative to building good solid relationships with them. Twenty Forty Transports is always upfront with clients because giving straight answers is always a positive sign of a great freight company.

Responses That Are Timely

A good company is fast to reply and when it comes to your cargo, you want to make sure the company that is handling it is there when you need them. You want to be able to track your shipments and know that it is in safe hands. A reliable freight company has a good team of trained professionals that can take care of all your needs and respond in a timely manner.

Competitive Rates

You need a freight company that offers competitive rates and ensures safety nets in emergencies as well as quality service. Additionally, a worthy container transporter will take jobs from both large and small businesses alike as well as residential customers. At Twenty Forty Transport, we apply our load consolidation service to small consignments so that our savings in doing so can be passed on to you. As a Northern Territory freight company, we have remote freight services with regular runs that help us provide faster, cheaper, and more flexible options for your business.

Among the characteristics of a good freight company is the ability to reach the Territory's more difficult locations. These include the channels that run via the Central Arnhem Road, the Victoria Highway, and even the far eastern territories of Ngukurr and Numbulwar through the Roper Highway. We know how to get freight from North Queensland to Cairns, or to Rockhampton, or to any other remote location.

You want a company that offers top-quality professional service all the way through. A good freight company such as Twenty Forty Transport strives to do just that so they can become your transport carrier of choice.

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