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Posted on 04 December, 2017 in Freight, Logistics

Crates, Cartons or Pallets: Top Tips for Unbreakable Freight

Crates, Cartons or Pallets: Top Tips for Unbreakable Freight

When you ship things, there is a good change they will bump and shuffle your crates and boxes around, no matter how careful everyone is. Most shipping companies load and unload cargo using forklifts that stack and unstack items. Your shipment may even  travel on a conveyor belt before it reaches where it has to go. If this worries you, keep reading to learn what you can do when you package your items for shipping to minimise bumps during transport.

Types of Interior Packing

There are many different types of protective interior packaging material you can use to minimise the bumps that come with the transit process including: 

  • Newspaper: Newspaper is an affordable and easy-to-get interior packaging material. You can wrap your items in a few sheets of newspaper and then stuff any excess paper around your items. This will act as a cushion between your items and the sides of the boxes. 
  • Bubble Wrap: Another easy-to-get interior packaging material is bubble wrap. You can purchase rolls of it at box stores or home improvement stores. Make sure the bubble wrap covers your items completely and everything fits snugly inside of the box. 
  • Inflatable Bags: Inflatable air bags take less time to pack, so they work if you're in a hurry. You can cushion your items and slip the inflatable air bags around them to prevent your things from bumping into the container sides or each other.
  • Foam: If you're more worried about your items bumping into the sides of the containers, you can buy foam sheets, pellets or peanuts. Just enclose your breakable items with the foam once you get it into the container. The foam will act as a buffer and help to minimise any damage.
  • Tissue: Finally, tissue paper can act as a buffering agent. If you have items like glasses or plates, you can roll your glasses in sheets of tissue paper and pack them. Wrap your plates separately and stack them on their sides so they absorb and bumps or jolts better.

Types of Exterior Packing

Here are some more durable items you can use for additional protection if you're worried about your regular boxes not being able to withstand transit: 

  • Crates: Crates are a great alternative to normal cardboard boxes because crates use wood in their construction. They'll be able to absorb shocks or bumps without additional damage. This can help protect your items. If you've taken the time to wrap each item with one of the interior packaging agents listed above, your items have a better chance of surviving the transit intact.
  • Pallets: For moving bulk boxes or crates, pallets with your items shrink-wrapped inside them will add extra protection against shifting or moving. Stack your items on the pallets and the forklifts will lift the entire pile without adding extra stress to your crates or boxes. It could save you money, as well because a whole pallet of items is usually considered as one piece.

Tips for Packing Large Items

Packing larger and more expensive items can be a bit more challenging but with the right removalist company, this process will be easier. Here are some additional tips: 

  • Drain Fluids: One of the first things you should do is to drain all of the fluids out of your machinery. This will make it lighter and there won't be things that can leak or spill during the transportation process.
  • Secure Equipment: Place your equipment in a crate or on a pallet, so it is easier to move. Shrink wrap or use industrial belts to secure larger items to pallets to prevent them from sliding around and becoming damaged during the move.

The goal of shipping is to get your items safely to their destination with minimum damage. Packing them properly is going to play a large role in this. It is a good idea to consider both the interior and exterior packing protection to have a safe, hassle-free moving experience. 

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