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Posted on 01 April, 2016 in Northern Territory, Queensland, Container Transport, DIY

Container Shipping and Storage: A New Solution for Moving House

Container Shipping and Storage: A New  Solution for Moving House

Here at Twenty Forty Transport, we understand that when you're moving, your priority is safety and speed. You want your belongings to reach your new home without any damage – and as fast as possible. While there are plenty of traditional moving services such as truck rentals, these options often leave you unsatisfied with the overall experience.

One of the latest innovations within the residential moving industry comes thanks to shipping and storage containers. Twenty Forty Transport is changing the way you think about your moving experience. With a quick and convenient loading of moving containers, you can rest assured that your goods will make it where they need to go – quickly and safely.

Why Shipping & Storage Containers are Better for Moving

While shipping containers certainly are not new technology, they’re starting to gain a lot of traction in residential moving services. Twenty Forty Transport is leading the way in providing expert container transport between Queensland and the Northern Territory including from Townsville to Darwin.

Choosing Twenty Forty Transport affords you all of the following benefits:

More Flexibility

Sometimes you may not have the exact timing right with your relocation. Fortunately, moving containers give you much more flexibility than other options. You can load your moving container with your belongings and store it as long as necessary in our secure facility. That way, you can get your move completed on your terms – and much more conveniently.

High Security & Weatherproofing

Our storage containers are made from hardy steel with high security and weather tolerance. If you need to temporarily store your goods at our facility, you can rest assured that they will remain safe, dry, and secure at all times.

Easy, Fast & Convenient

Why worry about a truck rental, petrol, mileage fees, loading/unloading, and other common hassles with moving? You can enjoy the convenience of loading all your items in one trip with our Darwin container transport services. We also provide Northern Territory to Queensland container delivery if you need it. Best of all, you can have the added convenience of international shipping if you’re headed out of the country.

Your Source for the Best in Easy Moving

Container Shipping and Storage: A New  Solution for Moving House

At Twenty Forty transport, we’re always looking for the latest innovations within the moving industry. We are always listening to our customer's feedback, preferences, and requests. This helps us work even harder to give you the best possible moving experience across Queensland, the Northern Territory and beyond.

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