About Twenty Forty Transport

Why choose us for your transport needs?

We're a Darwin based transport company that prioritises reliability, service and communication to deliver outstanding transport services to our clients. No other firm can match the closeness of the relationship we enjoy with our clients. All our processes are client and customer driven, ensuring that the service we provide is always the very best it can be.

Environmental responsibility

In an effort to be more environmentally responsible, Twenty Forty Transport has partnered with Carbon Neutral to offset all fuel consumption on our transport services.

About Twenty Forty Transport

Personal Service

We don't simply move your goods from A to B; we become your company's logistical arm, working with you to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery process.

At Twenty Forty Transport, we've worked hard to create a comprehensive and outstanding level of service for our customers. We combine an extensive pickup and delivery network, highly-trained members of staff in every position, and a wide range of shipment options to create a service which is as expansive as it is effective.

We also listen to our clients, and have added auxiliary services to our roster to meet their diverse needs. Maybe you need a 16-tonne forklift truck delivered to your premises to assist with loading? Maybe you need load consolidation services to reduce costs on smaller shipments? Maybe you need to use our short-term warehousing capabilities? We can take care of all this and more.


You don't just want a transport company, you want a business partner that you can rely on to handle your distribution and logistics. It is for this reason that we listen to our clients, working with them to get the job done.

For this, communication is key. Our clients entrust their shipments to us for delivery, so we think it is only fair that we offer high levels of communication to our clients in return. Delivery reports, status updates and easily accessible information make our service as transparent and communicative as you need it to be, and help us to foster close relationships with all our clients.

We understand your business

Above all, at Twenty Forty Transport, we are understanding. To provide a great service we need to empathise with our customers, put ourselves in their position and gain an understanding of their needs.

Our clients need flexibility, they need a logistics firm which is there for them when they need it, they need shipments that they can track, they need reduced logistics costs, they need satisfied customers of their own, and they need safety, security and reliability. By listening to our clients, and by developing our own, client-driven processes, we have been able to meet these demands.